Nat King Cole – Sings For Two In Love / Ballads Of The Day – LP

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All tracks on this 2-LP are original remastered recordings.

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Disc: 1 – LP – Sings For Two In Love
A1. Love is Here To Stay
A2. A Handful of Stars
A3. This Can’t Be Love
A4. A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet
A5. Autumn Leaves
A6. Let’s Fall In Love
A7. There Goes My Heart
A8. Dinner For One Please, James
A9. Almost Like Being In Love
B1. Tenderly
B2. You Stepped Out of a Dream
B3. There Will Never Be Another You
B4. To Whom It May Concern (Bonus From “To Whom It May..)
B5. A Thousand Thoughts of You (Bonus From “To Whom It May..)
B6. You’re Bringing Out the Dreamer In Me (Bonus From “To Whom I
B7. Can’t Help It (Bonus From “To Whom It May..)
B8. Lovesville (Bonus From “To Whom It May Concern”)

Disc: 2 – LP – Ballads Of The Day
C1. A Blossom Fell
C2. Unbelievable
C3. Blue Gardenia
C4. Angel Eyes
C5. It Happens To Be Me
C6. Smile
C7. Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
C8. Alone Too Long
C9. My One Sin (In Life)
D1. Return To Paradise
D2. If Love is Good To Me
D3. The Sand and the Sea
D4. Stay (Bonus From “St. Louis Blues”)
D5. Careless Love (Bonus From “St. Louis Blues”)
D6. Memphis Blues (Bonus From “St. Louis Blues”)
D7. Yellow Dog Blues (Bonus From “St. Louis Blues”)
D8. St. Louis Blues (Bonus From “St. Louis Blues”)