Warhammer: Time of Legends: The Rise Of Nagash

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New omnibus edition of Mike Lee’s classic Warhammer fantasy trilogy The Rise of Nagash. In the fantasy world of Warhammer, magic suffuses the land to such an extent that even the dead can `live’ again, and whole empires of undead creatures hold sway in the dark places of the Old World. The vampires in the forests, the ghouls in their tunnels, the tomb kings of the southern deserts – all can trace their dark lineage back to Nagash, the first necromancer and supreme lord of undeath. For it was Nagash, two millennia before the time of Sigmar, who wrested the secrets of life and death from the dark elves, embarking upon a quest for immortality that would spark a war, destroy an empire and unleash a plague of undeath that would blight the Old World until the End Times and beyond. * The Time of Legends omnibuses tell the stories of the ancient events that shaped the Warhammer Old World and still resonate aeons later in the current Age of Sigmar setting. * Nagash is a key antagonist in the original Warhammer setting, and he has risen again to cause havoc amid the Mortal Realms in the Age of Sigmar. * A great-value collection of three novels that bring the legend of the dark necromancer Nagash vividly to life. * Previous trade paperback omnibus edition: The Rise of Nagash (ISBN.9781849702829

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